CFBrazil Top Oasis Red pattern
Made from high quality Suplexl material, designed to fit just about any body type. Material consists Polyester/Elastane which is extremely flexible, fade resistant, holds shape, lighter weight, quick drying, wash durability and wrinkle resistant Machine wash cold with like colors,...
550,00 CZK
Eye Skirt Leggings Set - Blue&White skye
Very comfortable and soft feels like cotton.Perfect for yoga, dance, any sports. Be brave, wear high heels instead of sneakers to add feminine elegance to your regular fitness look. The smart design of higher mid-waist assures longer thinner looking legs...
1.790,00 CZK
Top Oasis of Lycra - Silver grey
Top made of Lycra Fabric New Vision Green with impressive shiny wire. It gives full adhesion to body shape and thermal comfort due to the rapidity of heat transfer and moisture. It does not create perspiration odours and is easy to...
550,00 CZK
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